HeatShield, free cloud Linux firewall manager by ServerPilot


Either you are using Ubuntu or CentOS, you’ll always need to setup firewall for basic server security. But sometimes using command lines can be difficult if you are a beginner.

If that’s the case, here’s HeatShield.

What can HeatShield do?

  • Prevent brute force attacks on SSH port
  • Automatic firewall setups for SSH, HTTP, HTTPS ports
  • Custom firewall support (paid plan only)
  • Manage unlimited servers

HeatShield can be used on both 32/64bit Ubuntu 12.04+、Debian 6+、RHEL/CentOS 5+、Fedora 18+ servers.

Paid plan costs $10/per server per month.

If there’s no need to manually assign custom ports, then free plan is fine.